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Name: Maizie   

Breed: Mix

Age: 1 Year Old

Born: August 26, 2013  


Maizie started coming to Manilow’s on her very first birthday! Maizie was adopted when she was 5 months old from a rescue group in New Hampshire. They told her new owners that she is a mix of Dachsund and Rat Terrier. I remember after her first day with us she had so much fun playing with all of the other dogs! The next day her Mom came back to tell us how happy and tired Maizie was when she got home from her first play day! Now just a few months later Maizie is part of our regular gang of smaller dogs and has a lot of friends. She comes three days a week and we just love having her!!

Some of her doggie friends include Santino, Bagel, Jack, Lily, Kramer, Wellie, Sawyer, Edge, Dizzy, and her favorite friend is Barney!

Owner: Maizie lives in Leominster with her owner Leah.

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Name: Bagel & Jack   

Breed: Beagle  


Bagel & Jack found their new home when they were 3 years old and began coming to about a year later. They are two very happy brothers who always come in with smiles on their faces!

They are very easy going dogs and of course one of their favorite things to do is run around outside with their noses to the ground! They always have lots of fun with their friends and get along great with any dogs they meet.

Some of their favorite playmates include Phantom, Sawyer, Floyd, Bradi, Lily, Kramer, Buddy, Fiona, and Daisy.

Owners: Bagel & Jack live in Holden with their owners Mary Ellen and Mark.



Name: Elly   

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Age: 3 Years Old  

Born: January 4, 2010


Elly started coming to Manilow's when she was a year old. She was a little shy at first getting to know the other dogs, However soon Elly started to really have fun playing with the other dogs and became fast friends with many of them. Elly took some dog training when she was younger and always has been very well behaved.

Elly has many friends she plays with at the daycare including, Sawyer, Phantom, Bagel, Jack, Roofer, Sandler, and Lily.

Owners: Elly lives in Leominster with her owners Janet and Ross.



Name: Maximus    

Breed: Siberian Husky

Age: 2 Years Old  

Born: November 7, 2010


Maximus started coming to Manilow's when he was 6 months old. He loves to run and play as soon as he comes in the door in the morning! He is famous for getting other dogs to run as fast they can in the daycare yard! He loves to do laps in the big part of the daycare yard.

Max gets along with all of the other daycare dogs and has many friends including, Brady, Shelby, Lily, Riley, Bailey, Rocky, Jackie, Chevy, and Chloe.

Owners: Max lives in Berlin with his owners Maegan, Corey, and his new sister Trinity!



Name: Fenway    

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 1 1/2 Years Old  

Born: June 8, 2011


Fenway started coming to Manilow's when he was 8 months old and has become one of our regular dogs that comes a few days each week! Fenway is a wonderful dog and loves to play with all of his daycare friends! He loves to chase toys and balls and runs all over the daycare yard always having a wonderful time! He has grown into an amazing dog!

Fenway has lots of friends here including Riley, Lily, Jackie, Brady, Wesley, Layla, Jake, Shelby, Baxter, and Max.

Owners: Shelby lives in Sterling with his owners Colleen and Bryan and their children Lily and Cole



Name: Shelby    

Breed: Cattle Dog Mix

Age: 1 1/2 Years Old  

Born: November 18. 2010


Shelby found her new owner Donna through a local rescue group at the age of 8 months and instantly bonded with her! Shelby loves to come to play at Manilow's and can't wait to get out of the car in the morning! She is always on the move at our daycare, running around as fast as she can!

She gets along well with all of her friends and some of her favorite friends include Brady L., Max, Riley, Lilly, Layla, Chloe, Niko, Baxter and Jake.

Owners: Shelby lives in Ayer with Donna & Ed



Name: Jersey    

Breed: Great Dane

Age: 1 Year Old  

Born: June 28, 2011


Jersey started coming to Manilow's when she was just 3 months old. She started out playing inside with some of the smaller dogs and as she quickly began to get bigger was able to join the bigger dogs outside. It didn't take Jersey too long to make friends with lots of the younger pups and as she played with her friends she could see her older brother Diesel running around with all of his friends.

Jersey friends include Riley, Jackie, Baxter, Lily, Max, Tucker, and her favorite beau Mr. Brady!

Owners: Jersey lives in Westminster with her owners Marcia & Peter and the rest of their Dane family!



Name: Kramer    

Breed: Silky Terrier

Age: 7 Years Old  

Born: February 10, 2005


Kramer started coming to Manilow's when he was 3 years old and loves coming to play with all of his friends. He is a little guy with lots of character and charm too! Kramer is actually a great little retriever who loves to chase balls or anything else if you will just throw it for him! He loves playing catch and is very fast too.

Kramer has many friends including Stella, Sawyer, Roofer, Buster, Bentley, Phantom, Sandler, and Cole.

Owners: Kramer lives in Templeton with his owners Tom and Sarah


JULY 2012

Name:  Kala    

Breed:   Labrador Retriever

Age:  5 Years Old  

Born:   January 29, 2007


Kala started coming to Manilow's when she was 7 months old. She is one of those fun loving yellow Labs always with a big smile on her face!

Kala is a very smart girl who did some obedience training when she was young and she can perform many tricks if you ask her to! Kala has many daycare friends including Baxter, Riley, Max, Tucker, Lily, Jackie, Sasha, Niko, and Jack.

When it is time to go home she runs to the toy basket and picks up as many toys in her mouth that she can hold and walks around very proudly, she is one  very talented girl!

Owners: Kala lives in Fitchburg with her owners Carol & Dan.


JUNE 2012

Name:  Jackie    

Breed:   German Shepherd Mix

Age:  2 1/2 Years Old  

Born:   June 3rd, 2009


Jackie started coming to Manilow’s when she was 6 months old and has hardly missed a day since then! Jackie always comes running in to the daycare each morning as she can’t wait to get out to the daycare yard to play with her friends!

She gets along with all the dogs here including Amos, Riley, Layla, Lily, Max, Diesel, Baxter, Baby, Daisy, Shelby, and Roscoe. Jackie has grown into a great adult dog and we are happy that she loves to come play with us at Manilow’s each and every day!

OWNERS: Jackie is owned by George and lives in Lunenburg.


MAY 2012

Name:  Brady    

Breed:   Lab Mix

Age:  Almost 2 Years Old  

Born:   April 15, 2012


Brady came from the Sterling Animal Shelter when he was 3 months old and started at Manilow's when he was 7 months old. Brady is a real player and loves to come to daycare to play with his many friends. He is a very happy tall boy who comes running in to our daycare and jumps for joy to know he is back here to play!

Brady gets along with all the other dogs and some of his favorite friends include Bailey, Shelby, Riley, Lily, Max, Jackie, Layla, Jack and Daisy to name a few! He is a very popular dog here at Manilow's and we love having big Brady here with us!

Owners: Brady is owned and loved by Jim & Erin and they live in Lancaster.


APRIL 2012

Name: Mr. DJ    

Breed: Pitbull mix

Age: 3 years old  

Born: Nov. 2008


DJ started coming to Manilow’s when he was about 5-6 months old. He was rescued by his new owner Sue shortly after being abused by his original owner. It took some time for DJ to begin to play with the other daycare dogs, however now he comes running in to play and is a very happy boy!

DJ has come a long ways in the few years of living with his new owner and we are so happy that he comes to play with us at Manilow's. Some of DJ's friends include Daisy, Lily, Jack, Riley, Chloe, Baxter, and Layla.

OWNERS: DJ lives in Leominster with his  wonderful owner Sue.


MARCH 2012

Name: Diesel    

Breed: Great Dane

Age: 18 Months  

Born: April 10, 2010



Diesel started coming to our daycare when he was just 8 weeks old! He was one very cute puppy who we spoiled a lot! He was a bit unsure of himself when he first arrived so we let him explore our daycare and he quickly made himself at home on our couch! After a short time with us he came out of his shell and turned into one very playful dog!


He gets along with all the daycare dogs including Riley, Amos, Lily, Jack, Chloe, Daisy, Brady, and his favorite gal Jackie! He is such a love and as you can see by this picture he still enjoys stretching out on our couch!


OWNERS:  He lives in Westminster with Marcia and Peter and the rest of their great danes!


MARCH 2013

Name: Buddy   

Breed: Lab Mix

Age: 7 Months

Born: September 15, 2012  


Buddy started coming to Manilow's the first of this year and he found us through our mutual friend Nicole who helps with our boarders on the weekends. Buddy was a little shy when he first arrived, but after the first couple of visits he started to make lots of friends. Now Buddy can't wait to get here and comes running right in to play!

He has many friends he likes to play with including Sawyer, Phantom, Ava, Lily, Daisy, Max, Bailey and his most favorite friend Remo!

Owners: Buddy lives in Leominster with his owners Heather & Jules.



Name: Ava   

Breed: Coonhound Mix

Age: 8 Months

Born: November 28, 2012  


Ava found her new home at the age of 10 weeks old and she started coming to Manilow's at the age of 4 months.  Ava loves to play and can't seem to get in the door fast enough in the morning! Being part Coonhound we always can hear Ava out in the play yard talking with her many friends! She will play with anyone who wants to have fun and roll around in the play yard at any moment!!

Ava has many friends including Max, Luna, Riley, Lily, Buddy T., Jackie, Chevy, Penny Lane, Roscoe, and Fenway.

Owners: Ava lives in Lunenburg with her owners Julie and Scott.


MARCH 2014

Name: Chevy   

Breed: Siberian Husky

Age: 5 Years Old

Born: August 21, 2008  


Chevy came from a Siberian Husky Rescue Group to his new home in W. Townsend when he was 3 years old. Shortly after that he started coming to Manilow's to play and to make new friends. It didn't take Chevy long before he became a regular player here at Manilow's. He gets along great with most dogs and especially loves to play with the other Huskies that come here to play. Chevy likes to talk as most Huskies do!

Some of his friends include Max, Riley, Jackie, Lily, Lloyd, Wilson, Samantha, Fenway and Daisy.

Owners: Chevy lives with Lynn, Don & Adam and Bailey at his home in W. Townsend.


JUNE 2014

Name: Luna   

Breed: Lab Mix

Age: 2 Years Old

Born: March 25, 2012  


Luna was rescued from Tennessee and found her new home when she was 7 months old. Luna's mom was one of my first customers when I began Manilow's in 2003 and it was wonderful to have her return with her new dog Luna!  She began coming to Manilow's soon after and has been making lots of friends ever since!! Luna loves coming to play with all of her daycare friends and enjoys running around the daycare yard!

Some of her friends include Chevy, Max, Riley, Lily, Daisy, Roscoe, Jackie, Willow, Remo, and her favorite friend is Bailey!

Owners: Chevy lives with her Mom Christine at their home in Gardner..

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JULY 2014

Name: Daisy   

Breed: Rottweiller  Mix

Age: 1 Year Old

Born: June 28, 2013  


Daisy started coming to Manilow's when she was just 4 months old. She came from a rescue group in New Hampshire and found a wonderful new home in Leominster! We called her little Daisy when she first came to us and now she has just turned a year old and is all grown up! It didn't take Daisy long at all to become a part of the "pack"! She seemed to fit right in playing with all the younger pups and quickly grew up and playing with the bigger pups! She has many friends including Wellie, Holly, Riley, Roscoe, Emiee, Bailey, Tucker, Jackie, Chevy, and Piper.

Owners: Daisy lives in Leominster with Darlene & Mark.




Name: Roscoe   

Breed: Lab  Mix

Age: 5 Years Old

Born: July 27, 2009  


Roscoe started coming to play at Manilow's when he was just 5 months old. He was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter when he was just 3 months old and was so lucky to find such a wonderful new family! Roscoe is such a fun loving dog and always has a big smile on his face when he comes to play at Manilow's. Roscoe grew into a very handsome boy and loves to play with his many friends here which include: Jackie, Riley, Luna, Shelby, Max, Samantha, Bailey, Daisy, Tucker, Holly, and Baxter!

Owners: Roscoe lives in Sterling with Karen and Matt.